About PanLighting

With the progress of civilization and industrial and commercial development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the spotlight was on, and the lighting was shining throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which was the impetus for the development of industrial growth in the Kingdom, which called for the owners of business thought, and industrial tendencies to go to the shadows of industry


In 1977, the lights of Al Anwar Modern Lighting Factory were illuminated with industrial license No. 157 to keep pace with the industrial market. It is one of the first Saudi factories that produced interior and exterior lighting units in Saudi Arabia to contribute lighting requirements to governmental, commercial, industrial and household projects. With requirements, and standard specifications. With a production capacity of twenty-eight thousand units per year, which doubled production year after year. By the end of 1415H, the Minister of Industry Decree No. 735 / R was issued to amend the name of the factory and to be renamed Pan Lighting Factory. To continue the plant on its strength and productivity to reach the production today to two hundred and fifty thousand units of production.